Limited change of lessons

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It sometimes happens that an entire class participates in a school event over several days such as a skiing course or a class trip with the exception of a few individual students who do not participate and are thus assigned to different lessons for the duration of the event where they can be supervised.


The procedure is described below:



The Untis (cover) scheduler makes the necessary entries in the Untis file (absences or events) and transfers the data to WebUntis.



Time period

In WebUntis, the class in question is accessed via <Lessons> | <Lessons: Classes>. Click on the <Limited change of lesson> button and set the time period.




Now select the students who will not participate in the trip and need to assigned to other lessons. Then select the target class, which the students are to attend in the given time period.



Now select the lessons that the students are to attend (individual assignment to a student group, for example in the event of split lessons, will take place later).






Each lesson in the target class now has at least two student groups. The first (without parenthesis) contains the usual students of the class while the second (with parenthesis) contains the student group which is limited exactly to the selected time period.





If you wish to assign these 'guest students' to another special group for split lessons, you must edit the appropriatestudent group.


It is now assured that the students unable to participate in the multi-day event can still be entered in the class register.

Limited change of lessons